Hey there Shoogs!

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I have a sweet tooth!  I am a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie…or 7. I am trying to satisfy my cravings with more fruit and veggies.  I’ve been taking more strawberries and blueberries to work with me, so I can have those for an afternoon treat.  Most days around 2-2:30 I want to walk down to the incredible cookie shop around the corner from my office and buy them out. They are soooo yummy and soft and warm *sigh*  


So, what about sugars (and sweetness) in a healthier alternative?

We all know veggies and fruits are good for you but not all are created equally.  The natural sugars are an important source of energy but we should still remember that variety is key!  There are different types of sugar and nutrients in different fruits and veggies. 

Ohhhh đŸ˜‰







Google that shiz!  Watermelon and berries are considered low sugar fruits. Yay!  You may say, “But watermelon is so sweet and yummy.”  And to that I say, “I know!!! It tastes like it would be packed full of natural sugars, but it’s not! Isn’t that great? Plus it’s hydrating. Win-win.”   Most tree fruits (peaches, apples, oranges, etc.) all have a moderate amount of sugar while bananas, pears and grapes are considered high-sugar fruits.  Stay far away from the canned fruits from the store because they tend to be soaked in sugary syrups. No thanks!

Most veggies are naturally low in sugar, but again, not all are equal. Leafy greens, squashes, starchy veggies (potatoes, corn), tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers are low-sugar vegetables. And can make for a yummy afternoon treat as well.  Of course I want to dip these in some deliciously fat ranch dressing, but instead I have hummus or greek yogurt dip.  While hardly considered a food high in sugar, carrots and beets fall into the “high sugar” category for veggies. Still good for you!

This gives me plenty of options when it comes to snacking.  fresh-fruits-and-vegetables1For me, it’s more about being aware and finding delicious, healthy alternatives.  I am a hungry lady and I eat a lot.  BUT, if I do it correctly then it’s okay.  I eat small meals throughout the day…all throughout the day!  I don’t have many foods that are BLACKLISTED because I’m a firm believer in variety and everything in moderation.  I still eat chocolate chip cookies, just not daily and I don’t eat the entire package/batch. 

Snack on. Stay strong. Be healthy.


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